Who am I?

For this week, I am proposing the article, “An Identity Made For Love” by Fr Philip Bochanski who is the Executive Director of Courage International. I was particularly struck by these paragraphs:

As Saint Francis realized, the only real answer to the question “Who am I?” is to be found in the question “Who are You?” I can only understand myself, that is, by understanding my relationships, especially my first and most important relationship, with my Creator. When I acknowledge God as Lord of my life, then I can call out to him: “O Lord, who are You?”

His response is something I could never have expected:

“I am your Father. I am your Savior. I am the source of your life. I am the destiny to which you are heading.”

When I know God’s identity, I know my own more fully: “I am your beloved son, your beloved daughter. I belong to you. All that I have comes from you. All that I am is leading me to draw closer to you. I will listen to your Word and follow your plan for my life.

Here are three questions for our reflection and prayer this week:

  • How do I present myself to God in prayer, and what question(s) am I asking God to answer for me?
  • How has God been meeting me in my prayer and life, and what has God been saying to me about who I am to Him?
  • What truth or truths have I learned about God and/or myself as I make this journey to live chastely in God’s ways?

You can access the article at this link: https://truthandlove.com/identity-made-love/?fbclid=IwAR14Ei6x94wMpleQR1HoO35v_69e73pSyzosrGpeEGCD1dfEd-MnPXGCtGY  

Words of Encouragement for this week

“Self-knowledge puts us on our knees and it is very necessary for love. For knowledge of God produces love and knowledge of self produces humility.”

– St. Teresa of Calcutta