Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions…

Q: I found myself attracted to the same gender. Am I a sinner?

A: No. Finding yourself attracted to the same gender is not a sin. You did not choose this. And after that, you should carry on practicing chastity just like others who are attracted to the opposite gender should. Don’t dwell on these attractions but sublimate your energies to useful activities.

Q: If this web-site is Catholic, does that mean I can now be open about my sexuality in the Church?

A: Prudence is recommended. There are still pockets of ignorance within the Church and wider society about this matter. The priority is still to educate people about what contributes to gender attraction-direction as well as the benefits of chastity. There’s still a long way to go. But you can do your part by educating yourself further about these matters and being ahead in benefiting from chastity.

Q: What are the benefits of Chastity for someone with SSA?

A: People with SSA are often recognized by others to be talented, creative and sensitive. Some have gone through great trials and suffering in their life. All these also indicate great potential to help the world solve many present day problems. Chastity helps to bring these potentials to the fullest through the practice of self-control, constant practice to choose “more meaningful activities”, greater self-esteem through these choices, greater self-motivation to stay away from vices, more courage, less shame, greater respect from others as they get to know us more, others are inspired by us… and many other benefits. And all of heaven will be more than happy to assist you in these directions.

Q: If I’ve not been chaste; if I’ve not been successful nor able to practice chastity, will I be rejected?

A: As long as you want chastity and are willing to strive for it, you are most welcomed and should be supported, even if you’ve not been successful… yet; even if you were deep in an unchaste life-style; even if you have difficulties being chaste.

Q: If I don’t agree chastity is necessary; if I don’t want to stop my sexual activities, but I want to be involved in activities with a Catholic group, can I?

A: As long as you respect the sensitivity of people around you, there should be no problem with your being involved in activities in a Catholic group. Christians are not perfect, we are all sinners. But a good conscience should guide all of us without distinction or discrimination towards a higher standard of morality.