What We Do

 About Courage

Courage is a confidential, spiritual and pastoral support ministry that assists men and women with Same-Sex Attraction in living chaste lives in fellowship, truth, and love. Members of Courage meet regularly to be edified through prayer, reflection and personal sharing, to grow deeper together in their faith and discipleship, and to support each other on their spiritual journey.

Courage for men meets every Thursday. Courage for women meets every fortnight on Tuesdays.

While Courage caters to the needs of Catholics with SSA, there is also EnCourage. A parent who learns that his or her child has SSA can be overwhelmed by feelings of shock, self-blame or hopelessness. Encourage helps parents, family members and friends to maintain healthy relationships with their loved ones with SSA.

For information on joining Courage, email sdcourage.sg@gmail.com.