Our Shepherd

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

So much has been talked about Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) – what is the root cause, what does the Bible really say about this matter, what is the Church’s teaching, and how we should approach persons with SSA. The fact is, the Church’s position on the subject has not changed, and I have spoken about this on several occasions. While some are interested to understand from the doctrinal perspective, many are also grappling with the appropriate pastoral response. To persons with SSA, the question, “Do I belong?” remains an angsty issue.

The truth is, everyone is a precious child of our heavenly Father. We are all loved by Him, equally and unconditionally, and as Christians, we are called to share this love with all. In love, we are to accept each other wholly as we are, notwithstanding each other’s imperfections. We support each other in our struggles and we accompany each other in becoming true disciples of Christ. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation, no one should feel alone, discriminated and unloved. However, all these remain just an ideal if we do not take steps to reach out to those who are feeling rejected and ostracized. This is why I have asked for the setting up of Courage.

It is my heart’s desire that through this ministry, persons with SSA can find the space and support to come home, not to be judged but to be loved. We want to walk with you as you embark on your faith journey to encounter Jesus. Through this encounter with the Lord and His authentic love, you will come to the fullness of life that God has intended for you.

Jesus loves you!

William Cardinal Goh
Archbishop of Singapore