As a parent, discovering that your child has same sex attraction can be one of the hardest news to cope with. The shock; the emotional stress from disappointment amidst possibly self-blame; the hurts; and the sense of hopelessness, all these can be overwhelming. There may be lots of questions on your mind as to why your child has become who she or he is. Feeling distraught and helpless, it is therefore understandable for parents to confront their child in the hope of receiving an answer to the question, WHY?

In such a situation, it is important to understand that your child too, may not even have an answer for herself or himself, let alone you.

When we are called to the vocation of parenthood, we are called to the vocation of Love. While we may not understand the why, having been entrusted with the loving and nurturing of God’s children, we learn to focus on the how.

How do I place my relationship with my child above all and to transcend beyond my own emotional turmoil which may drive them away from me and from God?

How do I accept and love my child as the human person, no less a precious child of God like any other, regardless of his or her sexual orientation?

How do I support my child, especially through his or her struggles, so that the mercy and love of Christ may be tangibly felt through me?

How do I reconcile the choices my child makes which I cannot embrace nor condone with being there for him or her in their journey?

You don’t have to do this alone, EnCourage is here to support you and walk this journey with you.